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Your Bio

I am a freelance motor sports photographer with more than 15 years experience covering both Nascar and IRL events. Currently I am the track photographer at South Boston Speedway. My images have been published in Nascar Illustrated, Nascar Scene, Fastrack, American Motor Journal, Motorsports News Daily, and TV Guide. Also published in media guides for Penske Racing and Shell Motorsports.
Additionally, I shoot other sports that don't involve motors such as basketball, football, and cycling.
Before getting into sports photography, I did, and still do a lot of commercial work. My commercial clients include: Unilever, Aeronautical Associates, AFG, Goodys, Texas Instruments, JCMCH, Kimball M. Sterling, Inc., William King Museum, Amerace, East Tennessee State University, Milligan College, Emory and Henry, and Zazzy'z, among others.
I have supplied photographs for 3 books: Great Road Style by Betsy White, Gunmakers of Buffalo Valley and Greasy Cove by Dave Byrd, and the newly published Backcountry Makers.
All images © James Price 2001-2014. To order photos contact me at: photos@jamespriceimages.com or call me at 423-943-3123